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SphenoCath® Precision Targeting.

Our patented device is the ONLY solution that extends over the middle turbinate to pool medication DIRECTLY to the SPF. Each and every time.

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We are relentlessly innovative. SphenoCath®.

Blocking the nerves at the sphenopalatine foramen has been around for a long time. It was first performed over 100 years ago and remains clinically useful today. The SphenoCath® revolution has advanced this light years ahead, making it more effective and readily available to patients and providers worldwide.

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Clinical results without waiting. SphenoCath®.

This quick, well tolerated procedure provides results within minutes for many patients. Why wait?

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What is SphenoCath®?

A unique and specially designed medical device created by Dolor Technologies LLC to assist medical professionals in injecting small amounts of fluid into the nasal passage, including the area of the inferior turbinate, superior turbinate and sphenopalatine foramen.

Elevate Your Practice.

SphenoCath® is a superior intra-nasal solution for accurately delivering injectate to the SphenoPalatine Foramen (SPF). Patients receive a fast, effective procedure without the discomfort associated with other outdated methods. Contact us today for a consultation.

Who We Are.

We are a company motivated to educating providers and the public about the superior design and functionality of the SphenoCath® in providing targeted delivery of injectate to the SphenoPalatine Foramen (SPF) - bringing real relief to people in need. Our ongoing relations with our partner clinicians and the superior design of the SphenoCath® are what set us apart.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Practitioners

The SphenoCath® procedure is generally well-tolerated but at times may be associated with mild discomfort. Rare occurrences of Epstaxis and/or soft tissue injury have been reported.

The SphenoCath® device is specially designed to extend above the middle turbinate and accurately deliver injectate to the Sphenopalatine Foramen (SPF). This approach allows injectate to collect on the Sphenopalatine Foramen which differs from other spray or cotton swab applicators.

  • If nasal mucosa appears irritated or swollen, or if patient experiences significant pain, immediately discontinue using the SphenoCath® Applicator.
  • Avoid excessive or unnecessary contact with nasal mucosa.
  • Do not force the tip of the SphenoCath® applicator into the nose.

The SphenoCath® Applicator is only available by prescription and should be administered by a qualified licensed health care provider.

Absolutely not. The SphenoCath® Applicator is a disposable device for single patient use only. Discard appropriately after single patient use.

Frequently Asked Questions for Patients

1. Lay down with your chin tilted back.
2. Your provider will gently place the SphenoCath® in your nose and direct it to the top of your nostril. Although most people report no pain at all during the procedure, you may feel a light pinch the moment the tip of the device reaches the correct location.
3. Once the SphenoCath® is properly inserted, your provider will deliver the numbing medication to the target area to complete the procedure. They will then remove the SphenoCath® from your nostril.
4. Lay flat for 10 minutes to ensure maximum benefit.

That’s it. No needles. No worries.

Worldwide SphenoCath® Providers

The SphenoCath® is being used across the globe to provide safe, highly-accurate delivery of medication to the Sphenopalatine Foramen. Whether you are a medical practitioner looking to implement this procedure in your practice or a patient who thinks the SphenoCath® is right for you, contact us today to help you experience the SphenoCath® revolution.

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Benefits of the SphenoCath® Procedure

Extensively Researched

Through extensive research and innovation, the revolutionary SphenoCath® medical device has simplified a once challenging procedure and made it quick, easy and effective.

No Needles, No Swabs

Unlike other approaches, the SphenoCath® requires no needles, cotton swabs or spray applicators.

Targeted Delivery

SphenoCath® delivers fluid directly to the Sphenopalatine Foramen with greater precision than other blocking methods.

Fast and Simple

Most procedures are complete within 15 minutes and patients can resume normal activity shortly after.

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