The SphenoCath

A unique and specially designed medical device created by Dolor Technologies LLC to assist medical professionals in injecting small amounts of fluid into the nasal passage, including the area of the inferior turbinate, superior turbinate, sphenopalatine foramen, etc. It is intended for use on patients with intact nasal mucosa. The device allows safe and easy and access to the inner most hidden areas of the nasal pathway. We proudly hold the U.S. Patent NO’s. 8,388,600/D776,259/D776,260.

Details of the SphenoCath

Instructions for Use

The SphenoCath Applicator is a nonspecific trans-nasal drug delivery device.  It is the only nasal catheter device that can safely and accurately deliver medication over the middle turbinate, to the middle meatus, which facilitates lateral diffusion and egress into the pterygopalatine fossa. (Where  V2  and the Sphenopalitine ganglion reside ).

Product Description

The SphenoCath Applicator is a flexible, ticothane trans- nasal applicator intended to administer a variety of medications into the pterygopalatine fossa according to the individual practitioner’s discretion.  It’s unique physical characteristics provide a desired combination of physical form integrity, combined with soft flexibility to prevent nasal mucosal irritation.  It consists of an inner catheter with a preformed angle fitted inside a more rigid outer sheath.  The purple hub may be connected to a syringe by either a “slip tip” or  Luer-Lock connection.

Warnings & Precautions


1.            If nasal mucosa appears irritated or swollen, or if patient experiences significant pain, immediately discontinue using the SphenoCath Applicator.

2.            Avoid excessive or unnecessary contact with nasal mucosa.

3.            Do not force the tip of the SphenoCath Applicator into the nose.


1.            The SphenoCath Applicator is only available by prescription and should be administered by a qualified licensed health care provider.

2.            The SphenoCath Applicator is a disposable device for single patient use only.

3.            Discard appropriately after single patient use.

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